Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning

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For the past four years American Radiator has been cleaning Diesel Particulate Filters, or commonly known as DPFs. For those of you that do not know what a DPF is, a DPF is a ceramic filter that is on diesel trucks and pickups 2007 and newer. The DPF is there to catch unburnt diesel before exiting the exhaust system. The DPF gets so hot that it burns off the excess diesel to allow for a cleaner exhaust.

Our Cleaning Process

Recently we have purchased another larger bake oven to keep up with the demand of DPFs we clean. Our bake ovens are used to dry the sot or unburnt diesel into an ash to allow for a more efficient cleaning. The baking processes takes 12 hours to complete, it slowly rises to a temperature of around 1100 degrees and then slowly cools down to a temperature that can be handled. After the DPF is done baking we move on to the actual cleaning of the DPF, which is done by hand in our Evacublast cabinet. The Evacublast cabinet has a vacuum inside of it to suck the ash that gets blown out and collect the ash into a filter not allowing the ash to get put back into the air. While cleaning the filters we are able to look at a mirror that is showing the operator of the machine the ash coming out of the filter and allows the operator to make sure the filter is getting completely clean. Unlike the automatic machines that just move in a random pattern over the filter, our machine allows the operator to focus on a spot if it needs a little extra attention. The Evacublast cabinet has a flow meter that shows us how clean the filter is getting on a scale of .5 to 5, we check every filter before we bake them to know the progress it has made to get it the cleanest we can. If you have any questions regarding our cleaning processes feel free to give us a call!