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Experience You Can Trust!
Specializing in AG and Industrial Radiator Service.


We are a full service Radiator Shop that still does complete rebuilds, we remove tanks, rod out and rebuild headers.


We can re-core both brass, and copper radiators with several different  types of cores depending on how you use your truck or equipment.
We also re-core Aluminum radiators and Charge Air Coolers.

Feed Lot Cores

We specialize in Ag radiator work and Feedlot cores. They are cores that have less fins per inch, inline tubes with either 1/2" or 3/4" tubes. We also use a heavy brass fin at 6 fins per inch to make clean out of the fins easier.

Bolt On Cores

Bolt-on radiator cores are mainly used in truck and industrial area. They differ in style of cores, inline tubes, staggered tubes, serpentine fins, flat fins, louvered fins, with fin count from 6 to 14 fins per inch.

Custom made Radiators

We can custom make any radiator you might need. Brass and copper, steel, or aluminum.

Solder on Cores

Solder on cores for automotive and industrial can be ordered to your specific needs.

Gas Tank Repair & Lining

Gas Tanks cleaned, lined and repaired.

Aluminum Radiator Repair

 Tig Welding for aluminum radiator repair. We also do low temp aluminum solder and epoxy repair.

Oil cooler Repair

Steel, brass and aluminum oil cooler repair.